• A life long journey…

    A life of worship

    This is what I truly desire, a life of worship. However, as intentional as I may be to have this, I fail miserably.

    That’s why the grace of our heavenly father is so wonderful. He allows us to be human and doesn’t require perfection.

    So one of my goals is to fill my home with worship. There are a few ways, I can do this.

    One is to have intimate worship music, like Maverick City, Brandon Lake, We the Kingdom, etc., playing in my home as much as possible. I relate to this type of worship music because of the vulnerability and total surrender these groups offer in their worship.

    Two is to start my day in prayer and conversation with God. Asking for wisdom and peace for the day seems to be my go to prayer right now because I need A LOT of both. My husband and I have a 22 month old little girl, who is currently potty training. So, Yes, Lord, can I get a little more wisdom and peace than usual?

    Three is to worship through my reading and studying of God’s Word, the Bible. This is one I am currently working on. The Bible can be intimidating and, at times, boring if I am coming from a physical or human angle. This is why I have to come from a spiritual aspect when I am reading. I am learning to read and then listen to what God is telling me through the scriptures.

    And four, to live my life as everything I do and say is for and to Jesus. To take care of all that God has given me; my body, my marriage, my husband, my child, my home and all that is in it, my gifts and talents, and all of my relationships.

    The Joy of the Lord, truly, is my strength. I used to think this meant that if I wasn’t happy that I didn’t have the joy of the Lord and that he was probably disappointed in me. Now, I believe it means because I know he has joy because of me; his love for me gives him joy. And that’s what gives me strength. I can get through anything knowing this. And I do mean ANYTHING.

    I started this blog to hold myself accountable to the goals, I believe, will bring me closer to The Creator, My Heavenly Father; my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and His Holy Spirit who is walking alongside me every step of this life long journey.

    A current favorite 😍

    I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
    Phil. 4:13 ESV